Our Mission

We analyze. We design. We develop. We support.

We aim to provide the best technology, methodology and engineering for our customers.We are an international company which works with an organized mindset in international environments aimed at new challenges and creative projects contributing to digital and technological achievements.

Our Core Values


Accountability stands for professionalism, Viviz0 focuses on principles of morality and ethics. Viviz0’S team is responsible and consistent for the specific duties requested to find any solution to achieve ambitious goals.


At Viviz0 quality is not an act, it’s a habit. Our team strives for excellence, we set high-quality standards and constantly exceed them, we focus on international quality standards as a benchmark to achieve our higher performance, from the quality planning and quality assurance to the quality control and quality improvement.

Creativity and Innovation

We strongly believe in the impact of creativity on innovation, we struggle in the process of turning new concepts into commercial success following our customer in the improvements of their ideas and concepts. We turn a new and unique creation into existence.


Viviz0 deeply trusts in customer loyalty and high expectations therefore we take our words seriously, and give our best to provide the promised delivery date because we value our clients' investment and time. We have a dedicated and organized team who knows how long your project will take so that the final product will be delivered on the scheduled date.


Viviz0’s Team is selected among the top-level engineers in the technological services of the international environment. Vivizo’s team works together with commitment, determination and synergy to achieve the greatest result for our customers. We figure things out and solve problems as a result of our efficient and satisfying work.